Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Ventures, Old Lessons

Much has happened in my life lately. And I am aspiring to take it all in stride, although it does not always look that way. Recently I have been re-introduced to the book, Advice to a Young Wife from an Old Mistress, as told to Michael Drury. (See Amazon.com) It has helped to put a few things into perspective.

I am looking at two out-patient surgeries respectively in November and December, both right before the holidays. I am relieved to have dates, but also realize there are preparations to make. My fiance is wonderfully supportive, and have no doubt that we will be able to rise to the occasion. But what will I be when it is said and done? What choices can I make?

I have reduced my "outside of the home" charity work and am focasing on being a homemaker. I am attending college online and am daily taking care of 10 cats and 1 St. Bernard. But how can I "feed myself" intellectually and emotionally and still be an interesting person to my fiance and frankly to myself?

I have started by resigning my post at the clothing/food bank and trying to focus on the Circle of Love charity group I had founded. We are trying to make sure children and seniors in the area are getting hats, scarves and gloves for the winter season. Even though I can not make alot right now, I can work out distribution and find others to help make.

I have found some women missionaries in various parts of the world and am attempting to pen pal with them. This could afford me interesting correspondence and sharing more of humanity.

Well, I have also started by turning off my television in the day time. (Quite frankly, Loki, the puppy did this, and several lamps also were unplugged.) I run either CD's or NPR radio during the day. This not only affords me with great music, but seemingly real news.

I do not like all the programs on the NPR, yet I make myself listen to each and every one. Why? So I am informed, so I have more to talk about than myself and cleaning and cooking, and because learning is an effort. And effort takes choice.

Also I am reading War and Peace (see dailylit.com). Literature allows me to feel, bigger and broader, and to realize the congruency of people and experiences. Daily I am making time to read blogs that I appreciate, commenting on the state of our nation and our world. This also keep me out of a self centered listening and talking mode.

I am trying to get Christmas shopping done, much via the internet and try to look at it that then I can enjoy the season itself. I am frustrated with the fact that usually I make a lot of gifts, but since my surgeries are carpal tunnel, most of that is out of the question. Even though I try very hard to stay in the day, it is encouraging to me that with time I should be able to enjoy doing art, music and needlecraft again.

My fiance has installed Dragon, Naturally Speaking on the computer and this affords me writing privilages. This not only allows me to do my school work, but write this blog, letters and my writing interests. Writing is not only a wonderful outlet, but a mind worker. It marries the self and others naturally. Writing is quickly becoming my favorite and most productive pastime.

The computer also allows me to make a little pocket money typing. At $1 a page, I will not get rich, but it allows me to help out and feel financially productive in a straining situation.

As always the surest way to sucess is to remember to ask about others lives and remain in their day to day activites. To ask about their daily affairs with as much intensity as they ask of my health issues. To not allow a day go by that I don't share my man's day at work and his heart.

Hey, these seems like things I should be incorporating in my life anyway, don't they? I'll let you know how it goes.

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