Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lady Gwenivere Traci

For the last week or so I have felt like I am living in the time of Mists of Avalon . While my husband goes off to slay dragons each day I am here, mostly here, in the castle tending to the hearth. Altho I am well aware of the impending if not present crisis with Wall Street etc my days are filled to the brim with everyday chores and trying to keep away the feeling of the "wolf at the door".

This week time was spend trying to beat the meat prices for my husband and the pups. Finally I procurred some for both. I had major discussions with the cleaning lady on the use of vinegar - I want, she doesn't - for all the floors, etc. I spent all of yesterday cooking vegetarian meals that can easily be eaten for rushed nights. And then there is the laundry issue, of cats mhmmming on the bed sheets.

The rest of my time is spent trying to find time to write, doing charity needlecraft and just figuring out supper. It is very easy to get involved in the immediacy of cold frames and winter gardening and tobogann making for seniors and children and not to realize that many things are falling down around me. To have good books to read, ample art supplies, enough yarn to cover the house and musical instruments galore and not see disaster. To spend my time holding furries and making sure everyone is paid attention to and is healthy - including my husband!

Now this the very chauvenistic traditional wife part of me - But isn't that the wife's job?