Monday, January 11, 2010


So here I am and here is the snow. It is pretty and I am watching it from the inside. I have not been out without my husband for several days, which is fine for me. We have been having below freezing weather to sub zero even some mornings. And our front porch has been a glare of ice, no matter what he does to it.

I have been keeping busy, cooking mostly and the basic cleaning. I love to cook in the cold weather. I made a great Fennel Soup Friday, and homemade sour dough biscuits, and homemade cheese. Saturday we took some to our friend at the bike shop and also got some errands accomplished.

I got a new exercise DVD that is walking miles in place, while doing aerobic arms. I got the 3 mile one, and then I can stop at 1 then 2 and work myself up to 3. Of course, afterward I treated myself to 3 homemade biscuits and some potato chips. So I have a feeling it isn't just all exercise.

Over the 3 days my man was home, (which was lovely!) we started the Short Story Literature Class from the Teaching Company. It was great. The 1st lesson was on Edgar Allan Poe. It only reinforced me on how scary he can be. What is great about the class tho is how many times I think about the story and then can share my thoughts with my husband. Looking forward to the next lesson we do, and I'll keep you informed.

WE also got audio CDs on learning French. We listened to the 1st lesson just to see what we thought. We think it will work, it is interesting and repetitive. But, to be honest, it will not be easy. But then, I feel up to a challenge lately.

I had wanted to start going to a Mahjong group, but the weather is holding me back for now. I have found a place on the WEB that teaches you how to play and then you can play against someone. I am looking into that. There is the same for Bridge and Chess which could be handy in the future.

I read another one of the Elm Creek Quilt books and they are wonderful #6 Master Quilter is a great read. The next one is a historical novel concerning the Underground Railroad. But we need to read for the next Mystery Club Meeting 1st. WE are reading A Beautiful Place to Die. It has definately caught my interest. It is set in Africa in the 50's.

There is so much I want to study and learn at times. I just read an article that states that procrastination means you might not know who and what you are. Well, maybe what I need to think about is how my learning fits into my new roles in life. It has been an engaging thot for me.

Tomorrow is Charity group and I think I will be able to get out ok. I don't have far to drive. WE are making bed socks, toboggans, scarves for the County Home to deliver on Valentines Day. We spend 4 hours a month together crocheting, knitting, talking, eating.... It is a great time with lovely ladies.

If you can't come but would like to contribute let me know.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trudging On

It is still snowing here in Ohio. There is not a lot of snow, and I can hear them working on the roads, but walking travel is not good and I have opted to stay in the house for 2 days at least. I spent the morning doing my regular routine and then a few extras. I am trying to make "an Office area" as comfortable as possible for my DH. I think he is afraid of it though - change. So as you may or may not remember I cleaned the room that was supposed to take 3 days in 2 hours. Then there was the desk that had too many papers and was too overwhelming. So I stacked them, and then put a yellow legal pad over them. Perfect? No. But if you really want to work, it is doable and the "stuff" can be gone thru later.

We have no activities planned outside of the home tonite and tomorrow nite, so I am looking forward to maybe us being able to start the Teaching Company Course we got on short stories. We are going to read the stories together and then listen to and discuss the tapes. We also have French, but I think we'll probably start one thing at a time.

I am looking at Needlepoint lace instructions all day. When I laid down to take a nap, I woke to it making sense. So, I think I'll take the plunge tomorrow.

Yesterday I returned most of the "stuff" for the Treasury position I finally have been able to give up. PRAISE GOD! It has not been pretty . I have even resorted to explaining if they didn't like what I did they could - "kiss my rosy red ____. Yes, I did. I probably won't attend the meeting this month, but next, I'll be there. I love these women, known many of them most of my life. But I need to find other ways to serve.

What are you doing on snowy days and nights?

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today is the 2nd day of the New Year.

I have been having a lot of problems with my left knee and shoulder lately. My husband suggested a knee brace, of which he seemed to have a plithera! I don't particularly know why, but it ha made quite a difference in my pain level. And by my not walking whopper-jawed, the shoulder is better too.

We lounged around the house this morning, not really wanting to venture out, considering that the temperatures, I believe, went all the way up to 18. Yes, 18. On the errand list was a stop at the house of the parents of some of my former music students. Two of the sisters have had babies this year. Yes, I am now old enough that my students are having children.

We dropped off gift bags of things I had both made and bought the girls. The older had a girl and her sister had a boy. The older was there and I was able to see her open the things. It was a nice visit and hopefully her sister will be here next weekend and I will get to see her little guy.

There are so many memories for me in this family. I taught and/or tutored this home schooled family of sisters and female cousins of a total of 8 of them. Each and every one of them was/is a joy! Just a few tidbits.

When the older sister came to me it was very apparent how itelligent, articulate and mature she was even as a young teen. Even tho she was incredibly intelligent in many areas she had problems with playing the piano in the beginning and was very nervous about it. That always amazed me, as self assured as she was of other things. But she worked hard and did well. I admired that. I also admired the fact that she was very interested in Forensic Science and was looking at education ventures according to that line. Then one day she explained to me that she would no longer pursue this. That she instead would be pursuing education in line with being a wife and mother, because would be the mainstay of her life. I remember feeling then, how proud I was to know such a girl who would make such a muture decision at her tender age. And as I watched her with her family and husband today - she is surely fulfilling her dreams in wonderful ways.

The younger sister and I spent much time together. Not only did I teach her music, but tutored her in math and in studying for her graduation tests. This girl was excellent at organization of self study. She worked hard at her studies and did what was ever necessary to reach her goals. Many weeks we spent 2 afternoons together and they were always delightful times to me. She was capable of studies, music, cooking and even hunting, as she seemed to work to possess every opportunity to be independant. Musically she was every teacher's dream. She decided in the beginning to play "Wind Beneath My Wings" and as a new student, mastered it in a couple weeks. But, as the star on top - in all my 16 years of teaching she was the only student I had that I can say was a Musician. Any instrument you handed her, with a little instruction, she played it and played it well. I am grateful I had the joy of watching this process and being a part of it.

So, even tho the rest of the day was fillled with finding shoes for me, getting odds and ends at other stores and finally tonite my husband doing a little grocery shopping. Mostly today, I am grateful for not only visitin the past with some students, but seeing them in a good present also.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Not a creative title, but a predictable one. This is not so much a posting maybe, as the starting of a rountine. I am usually not much on resolutions, or goals, but I starting to see the need for changing directions and the building of routines.

My philosophy of Resolutions takes 2 adverse paths. One I heard years ago and it has always stuck with me: WE don't need to make resolutions, we all know what we need to do. The other is best expressed thru 2 references. The 1st, Flylady, who assures us that we are not behind, but to jump in where we are. The 2nd is from a local priest I liked, and I don't like many. He said that we noticed that we had failed in a commitment just to start over. Like WOW!

I'm trying not to say "shit" and "fuck" so much. I'd like to replace them with Bah Humbug! So presently, when I do slip up, and I do! I am just saying Bah Humbug immediately after, to build a routine.

I want to get back in a schedule of learning. I have started my Daily Lit readings over, as in the holidays I got behind. So I started, Silas Marner, Arabian Nights, and Vanity Fair, again yesterday. I keep looking for a free online course of Botanical Illustration and everything suggests the Eden Project Book. I have it, so.... DH and I are starting a Literature Course and I want to get back in the routine of my Music theory and practice. This year I think I need to either learn Shorthand or let it go. It has been an obcession for too long.

Needlecraft - weaving, needlelace and knitting socks.

And writing - would like to put down more of my memoirs, and more of the Helga stories, putting them here, to keep a daily routine going.

So.... what about you and your new year?