Monday, January 7, 2008


Today is a Monday like many other. I see my man off to work and start the daily chores. I do laundry and feed and play with kitties and the St. Bernard Puppy and go over his obedience lessons with him. I started new sprouts today and set out crocus bulbs in a small jar in hope of blooms for Valentine's Day, and the watching of growing green in overcast January.

I open up my school work for the week after a much enjoyed Winter Break. I open up the syllabus and find that this week we will be studying Evolution and next week, how the Earth began. Pretty heady stuff as you fold sheets and hang shirts, huh?

What amazes me is that this is the first time that this subject has really been explored in my life. I went to a grade school where we never broached Evolution. I went to a high school where it was in our books, but the parochial school teacher glossed over it. The only "scientific" theory I ever fully heard was Creationism, or to be PC, Intelligent Design. Now through my electronic course I find it never was a theory, a belief, but not a theory.

Does it change my belief? I have been reading about Darwin's life and his Origin of the Species, he was not much interested in how things began, but how they formed here on earth. Interesting, I am sure, this is truly secular.

But past all the beliefs and theories and science and laundry, I'm a middle aged woman, going to college on line, in a small foothills of Appalachian town and a homemaker planning her next lace or charity project. "We've come a long way, baby!"

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How Do You?

With the theme this year of "Just Doing It" some practical questions come to mind.

Today I had a pretty full day of housework and assist puppy dog training. In the midst of all I had about three phone calls. One was from my best-friend-cousin and two were from complainers. Now, I am in a fellowship that I have been a member of a long time and we have a tradition of calling each other and talking over our day and our concerns. I have no problem with that, I do it myself. I even have from time to time complained with a bad day. But what about the constant complainer?

This is a part of America that is truly growing. Because of growing communication people talk to each other like they have known each other for a life time and they just met in the grocery line. And do they tell you about the new great movie they saw? No! How about that their kid just got on the Honor Roll? No! How wonderful their man or woman is? No! Quite the opposite. Literally the opposite. The movie was lousy, their kids are brats and their significant other is a louse.

Or what about people that do know you on a more intimate basis? Do we get together and laugh? Hardly ever. We complain, and lately I've noticed I've even complained about the complainers. Not say anything? Sure, that's one idea, but there could be eventually an emotional nuclear explosion.

It is not considered polite to say anything except agreeing. That's why people can smile as they turn the knife in. I believe there has to be a middle road. I am going to start mentioning to a select group of people in my life, who continually whine, that I'm sorry they are sad, but I am not. I would help them be happy if I could, I can not. I am having a" no holds barred" no bullshit 2008. Do something different, then let know how you feel. And by the way, what did you DO today?

We all have bad days and need a sympathetic ear, no problem for me there, I am not exempt. But, let's laugh and smile, life is too short. And if I see you in the grocery store: The Harry Potter Movies are great, our Puppy will pass Obedience Class with flying colors, my cats are gorgeous and My Man is Wonderful!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't seem right not to do a traditional New Year's Wish to Everyone Posting. So Happy New Year, and I hope it is a good one.

I have never been one for New Year's Resolutions, we all know what we need to do each day. So let's just do it. Let's not even try this year - but actually do. Personal life, Civic Duty, Volunteer Work, Family Life it is easy to say we are overwhelmed and just stop. But actually it is not easier. The easier way is to do - and as we do we naturally we simplify and enjoy. When we stop we encounter guilt and overwhelming feelings and it never changes, except for the worse.

On a personal note, it was an amazing New Year's Eve. My beloved and I went to my cousins party. A Baptist New Year's, no alcohol. Which was relaxing since we don't drink. Sparking Juice was poured freely in three flavors and mixed without danger. The guys played Pool and Euchre, the girl's put together a jigsaw puzzle together. Such fun - How can people have more fun - I truly don't think they do?

The magical moment at midnight was truly so. I have never been out on New Year's Eve before with a fella, been kissed at the bewitching hour - and this was my engaged. Truly romantic and wonderful. My Fall is truly filled with Golden Colors.

Wishing the same for all.