Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Diary Update

Today is just a mish mash, but wanted to be in the habit of writing.

Went with a good girl friend, to another's to talk quilting, gardening, and general life. Was a really good time. Left the house before my husband did, that always makes me feel strange. The conversation was good and the garden and the quilt squares she had made, were really fun.

I got many things done before I left the house today which surprised me, since I left before 9:30 am. I finished all the morning chores and got the dog food cooking before I left. After I got home I worked on potted plants. I repotted the Orchids, my husband got me a while back, the living stone my mom had gotten me, pruned our big potted plant minagerie, but a rambling rose start in a potato, re-filled the bird feeder, and watered everything.

Yesterday was garden working day. The sunflowers, corn, beans and peas seem to be doing fine. The potatoes are doing excellent and I rewarded them with 80 more pds of topsoil. I thought that the peanuts had not come up at all, but 2 plants look healthy, so I put in another planting with crossed fingers.

I also planted many seeds. I know it may seem too late, but if I had planted them earlier, this would be the 2nd planting to keep the harvest coming, so we will just call it that. Curry plant and orange tree got transplanted yesterday in the process. Rosemary and lavender, squash, cucs, zucs, watermelon, radishes, 5 color swiss chard, 5 kinds of tomatoes, various peppers - bell and hot. The onions and garlic look like they also are coming along fine.

I have been doing more than usual amounts of writing and reading and enjoying. We also have been watching some really fun movies lately. Life is full, and yet pretty relaxed atmosphere most day. Tonite we go to the Mystery Book Club in Newark, and I am starting Middlemarch for the Oprah Book Club. I complained when they weren't using classics, now they are. I devoured the Elm Creek Classic Novel #4, The Runaway Quilt, my husband gifted me and am still thinking about it.

In a couple days we will be celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary. I am so happy! We will go to the wilds on the Eve and hang out the next day, with a few surprises planned.


1stdaughter said...

Congrats on your anniversary! And I think if you mention Middle March again my husband may have to come destroy it, he read it for his English major in undergrad and couldn't stand it. Although, I think he's the only one who didn't like it that I've heard of. Way to go for getting a ton of stuff done...I miss those days!

Selwyn said...

Hope you have/had an excellent anniversary!

I've posted the recipe for Tasha's afgans at my blog (sorry it took so long!)

Selwyn said...

I had to thank you from the bottom of my belly - THANK YOU FOR THE TURTLE PIE RECIPE!

I made it on MY un-anniversary, and it was sheer perfection. Thank you thank you thank you!