Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gotta Start Somewhere

To try to set off the stress of the first entry into the blog I just decided to jump in feet first. I figure maybe even though it could spark interest, it will not be the last or maybe even the first thing people remember.

I hope everyone has read the list of Senators and Congressman that voted on the Wire Tapping Bill and let them know how you felt about their vote. Looks to me like we're striving for just a one party government. Pretty scary.

Today was a day of kittens as my fiance and I took care our cats, the fosters and got the house ready for what we thought would be 4 more strays. It was only one and what a calico beauty with opposible thumbs.

Tomorrow I volunteer at the local food/clothing pantry doing intake and then travel for a nearby writer's group meeting. Our writer's group, Y City Writers Forum, ( is traveling to a nearby city to join their writer's group for an evening of readings. This could be a good start of the two group acting together and hopefully setting the stage to working together with another writer's group on a workshop for the Appalachian Women's Conference in October. Google it and come and join us.

I also encourage everyone to see Afghans for Afghans and let it inspire you to some kind of needlecraft service work. We at Circle of Love Charity group meet once a month for crafting and desert to bring in our month's worth of finished handiwork. Let me know what you're involved in out there, we are always looking for new projects.


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