Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reflections at a Day's End

It's almost midnight so I suppose it is normal to be reflective at the end of a frustratingly sweltering day. I sit here next to my engaged also "blogging" as I eat the ice cream he has graciously served me as kindness and as a "precaution against mental illness".

Most of today was spent rushing. We got up late, I rushed through the kitten breakfast, and rushed even faster to my 4 hours of volunteer work, another check of kittens, to the doctor, another check on kittens and on the computer to "fix" my problem of online schooling. Then we were off to 2 evening meetings with supper inbetween, check on kittens and back home to my homework.

And what has been the most important part of the day? Yes, much of the time has been spent on the "children"and that is a large part of the love shared in my life. Yet, as I sit here writing with my beloved next to me, this is the hour of purpose. This is what life is to be made of.

We just watched a DVD on art appreciation, we commented as we read the state of affairs around the world. A world full of art and music and love. It's the stuff that fairy tales are written of. And it is the stuff that my life is made of. Even when it seems to be cluttered by a dozen other details - my life it it's true picture is a life of privilage. A privilage though that is founded by the simple beautiful subjects that can be a part of every woman and man's life that can choose to life in beauty and love. I am glad I am one who chooses.

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