Friday, November 9, 2007

Just Catch Up

Each week there is a renewed effort to write in the blog of a minimum of once a week. Each week lately I have failed, but here I am renewing my renewed effort.

Since my surgery is coming up soon,my beloved, and I have been taking advantage of time and travel and "seeing what we can see." We've been to a conservatory, Monet show, Marvin Hamlish Concert, Foxfire play, a weekend with the to be inlaws (really like my to be sister in law), library book discussion and dinner with friends. Whew!

Some where in there is our writer's group and charity group. For writer's all over this is Novel in a Month month. Our group figured that we started out late so we have made it from the 6th of November to December 18th. I know, it's a little long but we didn't have a calendar and it's the Holidays. So it is 50,000 words, in that amount of time, try it and let me know.

Each day we read the news and newsblogs and become more dismayed - our country, where have you gone? I used to ask people each day to pray for peace. I wouldn't ask them to stop that, but, please call your senators and congressman - make a pest of yourself. Consider starting a union where you work. Push our "presidents to be" to find a solution to health care, gas prices, and real jobs and then fight for the ones who do. Whose country is this anyway - we must make it evident.

Peace, Sun and Blessings

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