Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Hours

My husband and I just watched the movie The Hours. It was incredible. I have watched more movies in the time since I met my husband, than the whole of my life, and really good ones. This was superb. I already have signed up for one of Virginia Woof's books in, curious after the movie.

After my post yesterday, today is quite an interesting study. And the movie seems to follow my present path of thinking with it. My day started quite ordinary. We were up early, since my husband has decided to start running again. I had fed and cleaned up after the furries and scallies and all of a sudden Loki, our St. Bernard, got a very tummy sick. My husband took care of the mess and I tried to comfort the little 145 pd guy. He seems so small to me when he is sick.

My husband went to work and I decided to spend the day at home with our sick boy. I had planned on going in town and getting my name changed today and my hair cut. Quite indulging girly things, it seems now. All of a sudden none of that mattered. We are married and me and my husband, and our friends and family, know that I am Mrs. It can wait. Our baby can not.

As I watched him sleep today I tried to calm my fears by doing housework. After the "babies" I attacked the kitchen and the laundry, made puppy stew and tried to push the fear from my mind of how I would ever be able to get him to the vet if something really bad would happen.

All of a sudden my "assist dog" would be depending on me. He is not a cat, no matter how often he responds to "kitty, kitty". I could not lift him. There are no animal ambulances. My only salvation in emergency is that he faithfully follows me when I ask, and most other times. Especially if he thinks I am upset. I would be upset.

I moved on to my school work. Becoming frustrated at times, but finishing at least the work for today. I have not showered, too scared to be in a vulnerable position if something went wrong. Finally I asked my husband when he could come home. He came.He is worried too, and womehow all of us together, made it feel more safe.

By then Loki was starting to eat a little, drink and relieve himself. His little chow sister, Ming Fou is trying to irritate him back to life. She is at least winning at one of these. He has finally eaten a full bowl of food as my husband went off to his volunteer time. As I look at my reflection in the computer screen I look like a mother who has had a sick child and desperetly needs to shower and change clothes. I shall do that now.

These have been my hours today. They have been full, hard and fulfilling.

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