Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today has been a day of clarity and re-assessment. It has felt so refreshing, although none of the decisions and "light bulb moments" are all that earth shattering.

I have been struggling with the transition from school to full time housewife and finding more than ample things to do around the house that has been neglected. I have actually had to curtail myself and only let myself do so much so I do not completely spend my day without acting on some intersts and fulfillments.

One event that has been taking a lot of time is that I have been working with 2 other women, (that are incredible), on the YCity Writer's Conference and we have put together a great conference. (See at This has taken a tremendous amount of time and over 500 emails back and forth and to others. I have never experienced putting everything together online before and it is exhilerating. Much to my surprise it has also bonded the 3 of us and let us know each other better, becoming closer. I would never have believed this could all happen online. It proves to me that communication can happen or cannot happen in any media, it is the willingness of the participants, that decides the results.

By working on the conference I have struggled to fulfill some other ideas I have wanted to daily implement. This has included working regularly with the dog training, writing daily on this blog, working on learning German and shorthand, writing some pieces, (one missed contest date), practicing some drawing techniques, and doing some music. The list itself seems pretty long doesn't it?

Recently by reading Jones' book, The Virginia Woolf Writers Workshop, I have re-looked at how I am implementing fulfilling acts in my life. I can quilt as my husband blogs. I can read instead of aimlessly wandering on the net, and do it outside where I can enjoy the puppies too. I can do needlecraft in various meetings I go to and jot down ideas in the handy Molskine books my husband got us. I can sing as I drive and do housework, and exercise outdoors, or inside when others are sleeping, so I am not taking away from others company, or do it in their midst for a good laugh.

The one area though that I have felt sorely neglected in is the need to grow things. I have not had a garden in two years and the cats think houseplants, mean snacktime. What has come to mind is high school Biology, Sr. Theresa Clair (T.C.), teaching us to use the tops of carrots for ferns, sweet potatos for vines, avocadoes for dark green, pineapple tops for the tropical - experiment! Last week even the aquarium guy offered some inspiration and suggested water plants in a bowl by the window. Also I have been collecting seeds from our fruits and vegetables lately, placing them in the top of the sprouter for safe keeping. The time has come!

This afternoon I filled a bowl with filtered water and dropped in water plant seeds. It is sitting on my kitchen window shelf next to my sprouter. I put fresh seeds in the sprouter on all 3 levels, living it up, so to speak! I have let water flow on the avocado and peach seeds, watered the Christmas Cactus, made a mental note to save the next carrot top when I make the net doggy stew, and put fresh pinapple and a sweet potato, with starts, on the next grocery list.

They are small acts, yes. But acts that let me live more fulfilled, able to do my daily tasks with more ease and enjoyment and give me breathing space to let in more on my agenda.

Who says we don't remember anything from high school Biology? T.C. would be proud!

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Dan and Sherri Overton said...

I love your housewife blog! Someday I aspire to be a housewife too!! I thought of another amazing book for you: "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson. I couldn't put it down! And the author came to speak at a meeting here in my neighborhood and he is amazing! I had chills the whole time!