Saturday, March 13, 2010


So after a long hiatus from blogging I took the challenge AGAIN to blog every other day. You would think that I would get a lot done with being snowed in for so long. Well, I did, but not blogging or writing. I went through every cupboard, drawer, closet, file cabinent (the ones that are mine) nook and cranny in our home and decluttered. So since all of that is done, with the good weather I can spend time outside with the pups and start gardening.

Next Wednesday is St Patrick's Day and also the day to plant potatoes, in case anyone else will be out there attempting this feat. I will be. I am told to do it rain or shine, but I am just happy I am not digging through snow to do so.

I have also been reading a book on gardening by one of the Mother Earth people, Gardening When It Counts. In reading ahead, I contacted the seed catalogs suggested early and this week I started going through and pricing what things we needed, wanted and how we are doing. The seed catalogs I went through, Johnny's and Stokes, are great catalogs, but very expensive. These seeds produce unaltered veggies, etc and you can harvest the seeds from the fruits and use them again. Sounds good right? Well, yes, I had lots of choices and I started making a preliminary list of seeds. But.... seeds of this degree are very expensive.

This is the 1st year I will be gardening looking at an entirely new method and with the thought of canning some of the harvest. I had thought that I also could save seeds for next year. It all sounds good in theory, but these seeds are too much to risk on a 1st year. It would be devastating to go out on a limb, with this cost, and not be able to follow through.

So I am re-grouping. I am still making my list and going through the catalogs for research sake. But, Tuesday when I go to my normal store to buy by potatoes to plant and onions, I will also pick up seeds. Regular seeds in the stores, with some sold in quantities to farmers. Then if I am not able to keep up with things, I can learn what I can do without such a costly lesson.

Am I disappointed? A little. I always think I can find the greener way and that it will be cost effective. Not here, not for now. One step at a time, even perhaps baby steps.

The flowers this year I am focasing on perenials and I will order from a nursery. The kitchen garden will be put near the front door amidst the flowers. For the front yard wildflowers, forest flowers and bulbs will be what I focus on, with some flowering bushes, to ensure color each year.

So that's my plan and I will try to keep you up to date on how it is going. If you have any ideas - please - I am open!


Susan said...

Seed Savers Exchange has lots of good information on seed saving. And once you're established, you can swap seeds with other members.

I do very little at this point... kind of scary to me!

Jon said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy!!! Good luck!!!

Kate said...

That sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted a vegetable and herb garden, maybe with some strawberries thrown in...but I've murdered every plant I've ever owned so it's probably not in the cards for me ^_^ I can't wait to hear how your seeds turn out!

Jon said...

You have an award waiting for you at my blog - :)

Rita's Write said...

I nominated you for The Sunshine Award. For information go to my blog at