Monday, January 11, 2010


So here I am and here is the snow. It is pretty and I am watching it from the inside. I have not been out without my husband for several days, which is fine for me. We have been having below freezing weather to sub zero even some mornings. And our front porch has been a glare of ice, no matter what he does to it.

I have been keeping busy, cooking mostly and the basic cleaning. I love to cook in the cold weather. I made a great Fennel Soup Friday, and homemade sour dough biscuits, and homemade cheese. Saturday we took some to our friend at the bike shop and also got some errands accomplished.

I got a new exercise DVD that is walking miles in place, while doing aerobic arms. I got the 3 mile one, and then I can stop at 1 then 2 and work myself up to 3. Of course, afterward I treated myself to 3 homemade biscuits and some potato chips. So I have a feeling it isn't just all exercise.

Over the 3 days my man was home, (which was lovely!) we started the Short Story Literature Class from the Teaching Company. It was great. The 1st lesson was on Edgar Allan Poe. It only reinforced me on how scary he can be. What is great about the class tho is how many times I think about the story and then can share my thoughts with my husband. Looking forward to the next lesson we do, and I'll keep you informed.

WE also got audio CDs on learning French. We listened to the 1st lesson just to see what we thought. We think it will work, it is interesting and repetitive. But, to be honest, it will not be easy. But then, I feel up to a challenge lately.

I had wanted to start going to a Mahjong group, but the weather is holding me back for now. I have found a place on the WEB that teaches you how to play and then you can play against someone. I am looking into that. There is the same for Bridge and Chess which could be handy in the future.

I read another one of the Elm Creek Quilt books and they are wonderful #6 Master Quilter is a great read. The next one is a historical novel concerning the Underground Railroad. But we need to read for the next Mystery Club Meeting 1st. WE are reading A Beautiful Place to Die. It has definately caught my interest. It is set in Africa in the 50's.

There is so much I want to study and learn at times. I just read an article that states that procrastination means you might not know who and what you are. Well, maybe what I need to think about is how my learning fits into my new roles in life. It has been an engaging thot for me.

Tomorrow is Charity group and I think I will be able to get out ok. I don't have far to drive. WE are making bed socks, toboggans, scarves for the County Home to deliver on Valentines Day. We spend 4 hours a month together crocheting, knitting, talking, eating.... It is a great time with lovely ladies.

If you can't come but would like to contribute let me know.


Rita's Write said...

You have been busy... Don't forget to take some time out of your busy schedule for some R&R. Miss you! -Rita

Selwyn said...

That is a gorgeous pic Traci! Makes my temp drop just looking at it!

How are Loki and other furries doing with the cold?

Kate said...

Oh my gosh that looks so cold! I hope you guys are staying safe up there ^_^