Thursday, September 8, 2011


This summer seems to be over and done with before we knew it. We started out the season with both us having terrible sinus infections. With that and the rain, I did not get a garden prepared or really planted this year. After the sickness passed I worked on putting perrenials in the front yard and some kitchen vegetables, but nothing came of the food part.

What did come this year were wonderful Moon Flowers! I have planted these before with no success, but this year they not only came up, but they are gorgeous and so much fun. What a wonder to look out your front door after dark and see a beautiful white large flower.

A few others came up this year. My Job's Tears are doing well. They are from the grass family and have little "beads" at the end of the tassels, that look like corn stalks. My maternal family has been growing these in our gardens off and on now for over 100 years. They are a delight. There is also a large Night Shade Plant, some Sweet Williams, a Purple "Bean" plant flower plant from Cousin Betsy, Shasta Daisies,and a wonderful speckled flower that I have no idea about. Hopefully these are all perrenials or will re-seed and the color will take over next year, without much effort.

So how did your summer go?


Rita L. Smith said...

So, that's what has been growing there. :)~Rita

Selwyn said...

Yay! So glad to see your post!

Well, it's winter here, so no gardening for me. I'm hoping I can keep a weird little succulent alive until the weather warms up (then it'll thrive).

Pretty flowers!