Friday, January 1, 2010


Not a creative title, but a predictable one. This is not so much a posting maybe, as the starting of a rountine. I am usually not much on resolutions, or goals, but I starting to see the need for changing directions and the building of routines.

My philosophy of Resolutions takes 2 adverse paths. One I heard years ago and it has always stuck with me: WE don't need to make resolutions, we all know what we need to do. The other is best expressed thru 2 references. The 1st, Flylady, who assures us that we are not behind, but to jump in where we are. The 2nd is from a local priest I liked, and I don't like many. He said that we noticed that we had failed in a commitment just to start over. Like WOW!

I'm trying not to say "shit" and "fuck" so much. I'd like to replace them with Bah Humbug! So presently, when I do slip up, and I do! I am just saying Bah Humbug immediately after, to build a routine.

I want to get back in a schedule of learning. I have started my Daily Lit readings over, as in the holidays I got behind. So I started, Silas Marner, Arabian Nights, and Vanity Fair, again yesterday. I keep looking for a free online course of Botanical Illustration and everything suggests the Eden Project Book. I have it, so.... DH and I are starting a Literature Course and I want to get back in the routine of my Music theory and practice. This year I think I need to either learn Shorthand or let it go. It has been an obcession for too long.

Needlecraft - weaving, needlelace and knitting socks.

And writing - would like to put down more of my memoirs, and more of the Helga stories, putting them here, to keep a daily routine going.

So.... what about you and your new year?

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The1stdaughter said...

Happy New Year!!!

You have to know you crack me up! I remember when you used to curse in front of us sisters and you always apologized and inside I was just cracking up. I can understand not wanting to, but I will still have those silly memories. :o)

Great goals! I've said it before, but you continually amaze me with how much you do. And I'm sure the coming year will be no different.