Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today is the 2nd day of the New Year.

I have been having a lot of problems with my left knee and shoulder lately. My husband suggested a knee brace, of which he seemed to have a plithera! I don't particularly know why, but it ha made quite a difference in my pain level. And by my not walking whopper-jawed, the shoulder is better too.

We lounged around the house this morning, not really wanting to venture out, considering that the temperatures, I believe, went all the way up to 18. Yes, 18. On the errand list was a stop at the house of the parents of some of my former music students. Two of the sisters have had babies this year. Yes, I am now old enough that my students are having children.

We dropped off gift bags of things I had both made and bought the girls. The older had a girl and her sister had a boy. The older was there and I was able to see her open the things. It was a nice visit and hopefully her sister will be here next weekend and I will get to see her little guy.

There are so many memories for me in this family. I taught and/or tutored this home schooled family of sisters and female cousins of a total of 8 of them. Each and every one of them was/is a joy! Just a few tidbits.

When the older sister came to me it was very apparent how itelligent, articulate and mature she was even as a young teen. Even tho she was incredibly intelligent in many areas she had problems with playing the piano in the beginning and was very nervous about it. That always amazed me, as self assured as she was of other things. But she worked hard and did well. I admired that. I also admired the fact that she was very interested in Forensic Science and was looking at education ventures according to that line. Then one day she explained to me that she would no longer pursue this. That she instead would be pursuing education in line with being a wife and mother, because would be the mainstay of her life. I remember feeling then, how proud I was to know such a girl who would make such a muture decision at her tender age. And as I watched her with her family and husband today - she is surely fulfilling her dreams in wonderful ways.

The younger sister and I spent much time together. Not only did I teach her music, but tutored her in math and in studying for her graduation tests. This girl was excellent at organization of self study. She worked hard at her studies and did what was ever necessary to reach her goals. Many weeks we spent 2 afternoons together and they were always delightful times to me. She was capable of studies, music, cooking and even hunting, as she seemed to work to possess every opportunity to be independant. Musically she was every teacher's dream. She decided in the beginning to play "Wind Beneath My Wings" and as a new student, mastered it in a couple weeks. But, as the star on top - in all my 16 years of teaching she was the only student I had that I can say was a Musician. Any instrument you handed her, with a little instruction, she played it and played it well. I am grateful I had the joy of watching this process and being a part of it.

So, even tho the rest of the day was fillled with finding shoes for me, getting odds and ends at other stores and finally tonite my husband doing a little grocery shopping. Mostly today, I am grateful for not only visitin the past with some students, but seeing them in a good present also.

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Susan said...

Hey, if you want a C-180 ACL brace, I have one that I don't use... it doesn't have much of a Q-angle, it was just the last generation before they started actually making knee braces for women, and didn't fit me that well for that reason.... It's yours if you want it.