Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freedom and Accomplishments

Starting last weekend my husband flagrantly spoiled me in quite a few ways. First, I have been doing laundry and hanging it and stacking it for weeks. I love to do laundry, (and dishes, no really!), but I hate to put the clothes (and or dishes) away, and got to the overwhelming place where I wasn't allowing myself to do anything until that got done. My husband hung the clothes. It was wonderful and freeing!

Then Sunday we went to the "big city" and sat in a Barnes and Noble,(my virgin visit), drinking coffee, eating fancy sandwiches and pastries and reading books. They had a special on classics and I saw Willa Cather's O Pioneers! I fell in love! I spent the day reading the book, while my husband did dishes and cooked a meal. It was wonderful - yes, the whole experience.

Since then I have felt freed up. I have read more, written, drawn, had breakfast with some Writer's Group ladies, found out my piece on Lutheran Women would be in the Church Newsletter, worked on the pinwheel quilt for a friend and watched a tatting video.

I have had this video for ages and never watched it all the way through. So much information in one short video. I have found a new, more efficient and faster way to hold my fingers and will be learning mock picots and rings, split rings and bridges, padded and petal tatting. The most exciting though is that I found a pattern for Hens and Chickens lace - right under my nose. (See above picture)

Today he was supposed to go to training in the "big city" again, (went yesterday, 1/2 day). I was supposed to accompany him, meeting up with a friend and spending time in a knitting shop. The threat of weather early in the week changed my plans, the actual weather changed his today. We spent the day together fixing a large breakfast, browsing the net, watching the weather, letting out the pups a thousand times, reading, listening to historical music and working and doing some more needlework, respectively - basic honeymoon behavior for the most part.

I think I could get used to feeling like a spoiled female!

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Sara E Anderson said...

It's strange how housework can feel so all-engaging. You see your spouse do something in a messier way than necessary and think, "Oh good, I get to clean that up later." Not that I've spent all that much of my time cleaning - years of both of us working full-time have taught me exactly how messy our place can get before it drives us insane, and that's pretty messy. He'sbeen making elaborate dinners lately, which have been fantastic.

When I was working half-time, I was a lot more motivated to keep house, and did stuff like scrubbing bathtubs and folding towels and mating socks.

Phew. I guess I ought to do something today that doesn't involve the computer.