Sunday, January 11, 2009

This weekend my husband and I got a VCR/DVD player and we have spent the weekend showing each other some fav VCR movies, etc.

My man is an expert on movies so I always have a little trepidation showing him some of my favs. Sea People with Hume Croyn. I have wanted him to see it since early dating and was so glad he liked it. Still a little worried about Practical Magic, is it too much a chick flick?

He showed me the original movie that brought about the musical Chicago. It was a scream - really liked it! Then there was 2 episodes of The Private Life of Plants and David Carradine's Chi Kung. Well rounded aren't we - or easily entertained. Either way it ended up fun for both of us.

Took Loki, the Saint Bernard, for a bath at the local We Luv Pets. If you are in the area, Dolly is wonderful and Loki is planning on taking her on as his personal beautician. He smells so much better! (Sorry Loki!) And a nice blue sporting bandana. He feels like Puppy Fluff again. We love it!

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