Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Tatting

So today after getting my husband off to work, in the level 2 snow and finishing the daily chores I started on my Bev Dillon tatting video again. This time not tatting with her but watching the first 4 chapters. They are a good refresher and the new hand position really speeds up my tatting.

I think it is best to have 4 shuttles ready for tatting. One is for one shuttle lace that you can carry with you anywhere and do anytime. The other 3 are for more involved work. They would be for Shuttle 1, Shuttle 2 and Ball thread. Then you should be prepared for about anything. I still consider myself a beginner, even though I have tatted off and on for quite a few years. I find that having each shuttle in a different color helps. The single shuttle that I carry with me - I love to have it with rainbow varigated thread. If I am doing a one lace project I use an ecru - it will go with about anything.

There are lots of tatting sites and blogs and I appreciate all of the ideas, showing of work and patterns. I especially like Bengel Blog - look her up!

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