Sunday, November 15, 2009


So much got done today, but not in any way that I imagined. We had poached eggs for breakfast and I felt good enough to make them and get the kichen clean afterwards, and the rest of my morning routine. DH did his exercises and started his day. More spoiling continued after that.

I am severely into plants. I love to grown veggies outside and flowers in and out. I work at being able to grown things all year around. One of the ways that I do that is by having a cold frame. I have had a lot of success with them in the past, with tons of fresh greens all winter. I have not done this the last 2 years or so, because of the pups. Loki kinda killed the cold frame when he was a pup, and where it used to be, is the place Ming loves to sleep and lay outside.

But i wanted this year to be different. DH and I decided on a new place for it that I could still access from the back patio in bad weather and about a week ago he turned over the soil for me. DH hates farming - and all plants, including houseplants are considered farming. I have explained that since I have learned no till gardening we only need to do these things 1 time. ( I think that helps.)

Well, we were going to do it last Sunday, then Wednesday, Saturday, and finally Today. I could tell DH was not happy with helping me, but he is a lovin' man! I explained that him with a spade it would take 20 minutes, me with a trowl it would take about 2 hours. So after his shower we went out to assemble the cold frame. He would dig a trench one partition ahead of me and fortunately there were only 6 panels and the lid. So after each panel was in place and dirt surrounded it I fortified it with duct tape. 20 minutes later we have a cold frame. All I have to do now is consult the Almanac for planting days.

After this I started to get ready for the Drumming Session we had planned to go to. As I got ready and came out, I noticed that Mister looked really tired. And adding to that we had just found out that we had to facilitate a meeting tonite and that he had about 2 hours of work to do today. I opted that we stay home. He felt real bad, but I really believed it was for the best and we can drum on our own later.

Now is the weird part. He looked tired. Remember that.He started by running the sweeper in the house and I made coffee. He settled into work and I got comfy on the sofa and worked on writing down the new Tai Chi exercises I am implimenting into the Monday class. All of a sudden I was gripped by the pain that I had talked about in my last post, this morning. It was in my shoulder, thigh, hips and elbows. Finally, I gave up, after I took some Cammomile and Aleve that DH brought to me, turned off my laptop and covered myself up, lying in a semi ball on the sofa. The weird part - he was tired, remember - I slept 2 hours. I woke feeling much better and he never slept and looked great. Go figure.

So at his suggestion, we went to eat Mexican, got elbow braces for me and a vaporizer for the bedroom. He is lying down as I write this, just before we go to facilitate the fellowship meeting. I am wide awake and feeling pretty good. As I said before - GO FIGURE!

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