Sunday, November 22, 2009


So here I sit on the sofa watching my man sleep, hearing Loki snore, as we get ready to get ready for his big day tomorrow. He is going to have a colonoscopy at the Vets tomorrow and in about an hour he starts he yucky part. He has been really good about the not eating, and has downed lots of water, some chicken broth and some tea. He is tired, weak and cold already and the late morning started with an aura. He promised me he'd bea baby about this, but so far he's a trooper.

We are staying home today and even though I am supposed to take care of our fellowship meeting, I am leaning toward staying here with him. It isn't like I don't have loads to do and, well, you know.....

So I have taken a shower and packed my purse and another bag for the trip. I have obcessed to an interesting point. I bought a book for the occasion and I am real excited to read it. But I have been following a routine of music, art and study and I decided on how to keep to that. So I packed a study guide on physics, shorthand, a empty notebook and an inspiration book from my mother. I think I will put it in the trunk just to feel better. You know, in case we stay over nite or something. Not!, but that is the way my mind thinks. We don't watch TV, and if he sleeps, I need to keep quietly busy.

I also have taken an extra book for him and some tatting and crochet. That is a must for my sanity. Somehow just having them in my purse helps. I have 2 clean hankies, my jewelry and a shaw packed. The more I feel ready for any situation, the better I am. And what is the truth here? I am just concerned about my man. And how will I probably be spending my time - lovingly watching him breathe, like now.....


Terresa said...

Colonoscopies, not fun. My grandfather died of colon cancer, a condition that, sadly, had he been in for regular colonoscopies and such, could've been caught in time.

My mind thinks similarly: if I'm going to any kind of appt, I bring along at least 2 books and a spiral notepad for jotting down thoughts/poems/etc.

Hope the appt. goes well.

Selwyn said...

Sometimes being the person waiting is the hardest part... though maybe not with your DH's vet visit!

Hope your pain settles down/disappears too as it seems you have too much on for pain to derail it all!


Omgirl said...

Is there a slight height difference between you two???! LOL.

but I hope he does OK. Anything colon related doesn't sound fun. I'm gladyou are prepared with lots to do.