Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too Early and Too Late

So here I am up before the rest of the family. Even the pups are asleep. My DH is up and down, in and out of slumber. I have been having a lot of physical pain lately and it has been taking more of a toll on me than I would like. I have not been able to just plow thru it all day lately, especially in the last few.

I am having pains in my left thigh, my elbows and my left shoulder, occasionally the right. Sitting up helps alot of it and also keeping warm and well armed with Aleve and Cammomile. But it doesn't leave for long. I am by far better in the mornings, the more I move around the better. This is when I do the most house work, so that is to my benefit. I have not done dinner for several days now. My DH has been wonderful, too wonderful, too easy for me to sidestep things. Smile.

Thursday I went to Ladies Aid and the afternoon was consumed with the decision making of what to do with the money we made at the bazaar. Decisions still aren't made and the whole procedure was and is still very frustrating. I seem to come home exhausted from Ladies Aid. I am glad my officer-ship will be up next month.

So that night I think we did sandwiches. I came home and wanted to do something special for my DH and rid off the desk in the library so he has a place to write. I worked on tidying that room. But it seemed like after that, my energy was spent. On Friday we got take out and on Saturday he cooked out - my fav! I am the most spoiled wife!

Things came to a head for me yesterday though when I realized that I had let things go so much that I was out of pup food, we had to buy yogurt because I had not made it, and horror of horrors, I had no hard boiled eggs in the house. So I went about doing all three! We watched 4 comic sequences of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was a great laugh, but by the end I realized I had not turned off the pup food, and wasnot able to package it last nite.

So here I am this morning, getting ready to "dress to shoes" and realizing that I have to maybe go to smaller baby steps on some days in getting things done. Of course, I am referring to techniques and I am seeing how progress is ify and I need to go a little more by the flow of my body, if I am to keep up and get things done.

I think alot of this could be fixed by working more in both control journals. I need to better see all the tasks that need to be done - which ones that can float and which ones that cannot also. Then I have to work on the holidays. All the shopping is done, but the making is hardly started. I need to divide the tasks into steps, so I can do a little at a time. Then I can seize the moment, instead of thinking something will take forever and not doing it at all.

DH has some Vet Clinic appts coming up so it is imperative that I am on the ball and the house is in order! One thing that I could do, that has just come to me, is to make supper in the morning. Then even if I have to refrigerate it - it is done. That is the time of day when my energy is waning. Then, if I am having a hard time all that would need to be done, is to re-heat. We got 2 new crockpots so I should not have to make puppy food as many times a week. There are things in place to save my energy, I just need to find ways to work with them - actually work with myself.

If I impliment some of these changes then I could use the down time for creative activities. Whether these be playing the piano, writing, reading or working on my Christmas projects, these things can almost always be done even when I am not feeling on top.

So------- thank you all for listening. Actually just writing this, things are clearer. Now, 3, 2, 1 GO!

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