Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Last Couple Days

The Last Couple Days have been incredible! So much as happened, or I have been happening?

Wednesday nite we went to the Big City and listened to Rita Mae Brown read from her new memoir book. She was absolutely delightful! DH got us the book (so spoiled I am) and we stuck around a little while, but realized that in no way would we be staying for a signature. My youngest nephew watched the children and Loki and eaten a package of cream cheese, package and all, that afternoon, so we were concerned. He ended up being fine.

We left 1 1/2 hours early, then found out we were at the wrong place. We rectified it in no time and I am grateful that my DH has a sense of humor about such things and is not afraid to ask for directions. All's well that ends well.

Friday was our last day baking Springerles at the church. Wow! On the last day we did only Lemon and only 6 batches. Scary that we can say only to 58 dozen cookies, eh? When all is said and done, in 4 days, in 2 weeks, we baked 380 dozen cookies. It was great. And especially it was wonderful that we got someone new involved. Hopefully she will carry on and this tradition will last somewhere.

That afternoon I came home and carved our Jack O Lantern. We have not done that before and it felt so good. One thing my Grandmother finally got thru my head was to make the holidays special in your home for yourself and loved ones. We don't have to have a lot of people, but we need to make the days special - all of them in some way.

Saturday was Halloween - and a special one to all of you. The Fall holidays are my favorite and this is no exception! DH and I spent the morning doing errands and visiting our friend at the bike shope. Then last nite we had pumpkin soup, watched 3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dh made popcorn. I am sooo spoiled! What a nice Halloween!

This weekend I have read Dan Brown's, The Lost Symbol. Wow - what a book. Fortunately I am married to someone that does not think reading at least 1/2 the day is a waste of time. Altho I did not quite 200 pages between Thursday and Saturday, I read the remaining, let's say at least, 570 pages, between last nice and noon this morning. Dan Brown can definately weave a tale and keep enough turns in a mystery to keep you guessing. Also, as with his other books. I feel that only the story is fictional, not the meaning. I am very interested in Noetic Science Institute now, and will be keeping up on their internet site. Not only does it let me look differently at today, but ancient times and the role religion has played in my life. There's a new world coming - inside and out for me I believe. More on this later I am sure.

In spite of my reading, we both got a lot of work done around the house and it is only 2. When I got up and about I was able to keep moving and not get overwhelmed because of my training. I had a sinkful of dishes, which is rare for me nowadays, as I usually have the kitchen in a ready state by the time I go to bed. Last nite with our celebrating and reading I let it go. I was able to do the dishes in about 15 minutes and the rest of the morning chores in about 1/2 hour. DH ran the sweeper and mowed the yard. I am on our 3rd load of laundry, with bed clothes etc and am still washing and drying.

We will leave the house later to go to the Concert Association and hear the Brass Band of Columbus. Music really revives me, and I am sure this will not be any different. Our last concert on Sunday last week was well worth it, and this I believe will be a lot of fun. Afterwards we have a fellowship meeting and then I am sure we will probably drop!

NANO starts today, and I course I have not written my 1700 words for the day. I am not too distressed. I figured on 2000 words a day, 6 days a week, it seems more practical. With the church Bazaar coming up tho, next sunday will not be a free day. But I will enjoy this one, and realize that the fact that I am writing on the blog is a good thing.

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