Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Sweet Fall Day!

This was a sweet day. The pups got up about 5:30 and after EVERYONE pottied I told them we were all going to “sweep” for 1 ½ to 2 hours. Not expecting them to listen, of course, I was happily surprised when they did wake us and it was 7:30.

We took a beautiful drive about 30 miles out of town on DH's business and the folage was gorgeous! We went one way and came back another. On the way back we stopped at an historical village and got coffee and quiche at a darling coffee and wine shop.

Back in our hometown we went to Sam's club, for food for pups and us and then to Lowe's for 2 lights for the electrician to put in. Back home to feed te dogs and get some sustenance ourselves. Back out again to see our friend at the bike shop and get a movie at the library. To 2 drugstores for incidentals and some Christmas Gifts I saw and back home we are for a relaxing night with the furry children.

I had a couple mishaps in there. One was that I fell in the kitchen while we were home for lunch and the other was getting in the car I grabbed the window just at the same time DH decided to put it up. OW! Oh, well, it looks like I'll survive.

This morning was also the first for trying to start a new routine. I am trying to get my readings all done in the morning now. This would consist of the 12 step fellowship reading, a hymn and 3 Bible readings: Catholic Daily Mass, One Year Bible Online and the Lutheran Lectionary. Then there are the literature readings from as I stated before, Silas Marner, Vanity Fair, and Arabian Nights. Then there are the political blogs: Tbogg, Hullabaloo, Glen Greenwald. And the last for the serious, or at least relief blogs, the science blosgs – Phayngula and Greg Laden. There are also some “girly” blogs I go to. Segullah/blog is a type of mommy blog of opionated, educated, well read women that I really enjoy. Pink Houses, Beehives and Birds nest are 2 others. They are sisters and the Internet Giveaway I won (homemade soap) came from one of them, Pink Houses. I like the needlecraft blogs. I get Knitting Daily and a crochet and a tatting newsletter via my email. Then I also embibe in Clyde the Mad Tatter, Bengelblog and Tatting Goddess. We have both been pretty addicted to FB lately, so I am trying to limit to only looking at it in the morning.

I am making these changes because I am trying to prepare myself for the challenge of NANO. Writing a 50,000 word novel in a month. But of course I always have to change things: I am going to try and put a chap book together. I hope that I can accomplish this, not just for the Christmas present advantage, but it would be nice to work to put my work down and out there.


1stdaughter said...

Sounds like a great day! Well, with a couple of exceptions, maybe the window incident could have been omitted. But yay!

Good luck with your writing goal, I've been toying with the idea of that one, but just don't have the time right now. Can't wait to hear how you do.

Selwyn said...

You are one busy lady! It's so lovely to read what you write, your enjoyment and humour just shine through.

Hope you have a lovely fall day!