Sunday, October 25, 2009


We started out the day going out to breakfast, which we don't do real often and when we do it is at a small local diner across town. DH found a sign for a Sunday Brunch close by, he loves to eat out and try new places, so we thot we would give it a try. It started out with biscuits that were made from scratch and really good. Then the yogurt parfait with fruit gook and grape nuts. I thot it was a little too sweet, but i don't do sweet in the morning.

Then you got to pick your main entree and we both went for southwest egg quesidia thingy. Oh, man, such a bad choice. As my husband told the waitress - it was "aggressively bland", but still did not sit well with us for most of the day. We'll be back in the little diner next time we decide to do breakfast!

So after lying around for several hours we went to a concert in a town about 35 miles away. Here was the Osmond Brothers, but we had no interest. This guy was a pianist that took the great composers, explained about the music and showed the carry overs into modern music. Live music does something for me. We have been cranky the weekend, but not really at each other - more frustration with things. We are both in a better mood and I feel really revivied. We got a CD and we are listening to it now.

I instructed music and art for about 16 years. Piano was my main instrument. I absolutely love piano music. He also played Rhapsody in Blue, which is one of my all-time favorite pieces. I played it so often, that my family can barely stand it to this day. But I never played it like this man - it was amazing.

When we came home we did what Flylady would call a Home Blessing. The kitchen had been neglected while we felt bad today. So when we came home DH took out the trash and ran the sweeper, I did the kitchen, got the morning coffee ready, have a load of laundry in and we started the pup food to cook all night. Under control.

Tomorrow morning we got in opposite directions. DH goes to the VA and I go make more Springerles. This is day 3 of 4 and I hope we have 6 - 8 people again. We had 4 batches done before noon Friday.

Last night we watched George C Scott in Hospital from a Netflix DVD. It was really good and helped relieve a little pressure. We haven't watched a movie in well over 7 -10 days. October is always a big month for me at the church with the bazaar coming up the 1st Thursday of November. Cooking in the kitchen and quilting are my church services. So I gures I'll be doing church a few times this week.

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