Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Different Day

Today I didn't bake cookies. Wow! On Tuesday Mornings I join 4 other women for a Prayer Cell and then I teach them Sign Language. They are good sports and I am really beginning to feel a part of them, even though it has only been about a month or so.

The lady I have know the longest is a recent widow. She is really getting into the Sign Language. I believe this Ministry has happened at an opportune time in her life. She took care of her husband for a long time, and now she is experimenting with her own life. She says it doesn't sound right, but life is so lite hearted now. It makes sense to me - he was very sick for a very long time.

So.... what am I doing teaching Sign Language at a Catholic Church?

I went to Catholic School from the 7th grad to high school graduation. We, the whole family, became Catholic when I was in the 8th grade. When I go out of school, after some time off, I resumed the religion of my childhood and went back to the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. I was never very active, until I moved back to Zanesville. That is where I make cookies and quilt, used to do bells and choir.

Back to the story. I still know many Catholics, like, my mom. And have gone to Mass regularly often, with my family etc. Do I see a problem here? No, but you have to know me a little to understand that. I also have and do go to: Hare Krishna, Buddhist, Methodist, Morman, Baptist, Apostolic - etc - But one thing I have always said is that I love Mary.

I got a call from a long time family friend that they had at one of the local catholic churches a severly handicapped child, that was also deaf. They wanted her to be able to go to Sunday School without her mom, like the other kids and to be ready for 1st Communion.

I did not think this would be hard. The Catholic Church used to have lots of opportunities for the deaf. Well, I'm about it. I am not the best person for the job - but I am the one who volunteered. We have a group on Thurs nites now (was Wednes), and a group on Tues morn. We started out learning the alphabet, numbers and the basic prayers. Then I found the Tuesday morning lady, who said she was always interested in sign. I answered - do i have a mission for you!

Eventually I hope to have a Deaf Ministry here. My volunteers are great, just got to work on the priests and congregation. We will do that. These signers are amazing to come forward and give their times and talents for this child, her family and eventually other deaf. I am honored to be a part of them!

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