Monday, October 19, 2009

My Up and Coming New Life

I am in the midst of making a lot of changes in my life. And it seems to be for the better. Yet many days, change is change - even if - change is good.

I made the commitment to be out of any officerships by the end of the year and I seem to be managing that part well. The Y City Writer's had it's 2nd Writer's Conference October 10th and it went well. At the end I officially resigned from heading up the group that I had started approx 7 years ago. I have 3 women that will be heading it up that I believe will do a bang up job at it.

After the meeting on the 1st Thursday of December of Ladies Aid I will no longer be the Treasurer. This is a relief. Perhaps now I can attend in enjoyment and get back to a regular schedule of quilting with the ladies.

I am moving my evening Sign Language Class at the Catholic Church to the same nite my DH volunteers at the hospital. All of this is to ensure that when he comes home, - we can do as we please without commitments.

I also have a Tuesday morning Sign Language, that is moving along nicely and will be continuing for a least a year.

We have taken a turn in the Assist Dog Training. We have added the help of a local girl who is starting a business and would like the experience. Loki and I will be meeting with her 3 -4 days a week and practicing walking in public. Today was our first day, and if it goes this well, we will show notable success soon. To leave the house with him by my side is going to be more than a dream!

Today I went to the church and helped make Springerlese (German Anise Cookies). We make 63 dozen today, with 2 - 3 more days to go in the next 2 weeks. Our mentor is not feeling well and we had to call for emergency cookie makers - but we made it. October to the 1st 2 weeks of November is always busy with Springerlese making and the annual Pork and Saurkraut Dinner/Bazaar. Quilting and Cooking are my 2 favorite activities to do at the church.

I am crocheting my last of 3 baby blankets for babies coming before the holidays. Tomorrow I hope to start making receiving blankets - new project. I am nervous about cutting out the material - cutting is the hardest part. Then off to making holiday vests, including a Haloween one for me.

I am deciding what I want to study next. I have bemoaning the fact that i miss going to school online and am trying to decide on what to learn on my own. I believe that thru November I shall limit it to music, art and writing, since I hope to complete NANO this year and with some of the results do a chapbook. But I find I need to be actively learning something too. Presently 500 words a day, 5 drawings or a painting, and 20 minutes of playing music, study times negotiable.

I am also working on my cooking. Since my DH is on a cholesterol diet and we both want to loose weight, I need to get creative. Also I was painfully aware last week that I need to have Amish Bread and/or cookies in the freezer for funerals, baby showers etc that come up unexpectantly.

As you can see I have lots to work on - check back to see how I am keeeping up!

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