Monday, October 26, 2009

Early Monday

I was up at 5:30 this morning doing early house blessing and making sure all furry children were fed before I started my day at the church. At 6:30 I woke DH and we had coffee together and I had some very early breakfast then off I went. I still wasn't the first one there, EV always manages to make it there before the rest of us.

Last Friday there were 8 of us and it was wonderful! We had 2 to mix and 6 to roll. Today was 4 most of the time and finally went up to 6, but still only 2 rollers. It was exhausting. I am a mixer. I love the job and can manage usually 2 mixers and I believe 3 if I had to. So far we haven't had to find out- hehe! This time I was there early enough to help with the sifting of flour and the adding of baking soda and salt. We did 75 dozen Tues, 116 Friday and 50 when I left today.

I left early, with a little guilt. My legs hurt. I am sure that those ladies' legs hurt also. But I couldn't see not being able to move for 2 days, staying 2 more hours. Especially since all the mixing was done for the day. Sometimes I have to think.

I came home and shined both my sinks with Flylady glee and decided on the supper suggested to me by the cooking drew today - baked potatoes and salad. This was especially fun, because I used potatoes from my garden. I'm a dirt farmer who's good at root crops. I had a red one for me and a gold for DH. I used the Butter lettuce with a coriander and orange juice dressing.

I am still listening to the Iliad - what whiners! But it is interesting and I will continue it. I usually follow it up with my Music Theory DVD and that is fascinating! What I want to get to is my holiday sewing! I have much to do and I so enjoy that kind of work.

Another thing I failed to mention is that I really got to treat myself at the grocery this week. I have been watching anxiously for them to have the sacks of mixed nuts. You know, the kind that you put pretty in your bowl at the holidays, still in the shell, and everyone is afraid to eat them? Well, I got me a sack for $4. And what I am going to do is.............

Plant them! yes! you heard me right. Plant them. My thought is 2 of each kind. I will end up eventually with Bonsai Nut Trees for the garden, producing protein for this vegetarian and family. I also got apple seeds and plum seeds from the kitchen at the Oktoberfest I helped cook at. They were locally grown, so the plants should do well. Since we have a room now where furries are not allowed (the library/office/sewing/painting room)I am planning on putting plants and plant starts in there.

We stayed home to write tonite, so I got to blog again and now hopefully I can work on my stories. Nite nite!

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1stdaughter said...

Hope the writing goes well!

I had no idea that you could plant those nuts. But it makes sense when you think about, just never thought about it. Good luck and make sure to take some pictures, I want to see how they turn out!