Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have been reading lately how it seems that when people become liberated that means they take on traditionally male roles. I agree, that is mostly what I have seen and what I have done in the past. Lately though I am looking at liberation in a new light.

I am the most liberated at this time in my life than I have ever been. I am seeking to do things that matter to me and thata form my life. I am in love with a man I am to marry in June and am living with him presently. I have a houseful of furry children who win most of my daily attention. I am pursuing an education for the sole purpose of being educated and finishing an adult long endeavor. I am becoming more involved in the arts in my home town and am learning to put my work forward.

Today I had a young couple come and turn over the garden and two ladies came to clean, while I cooked for the large alergic furry (St. Bernard), did laundry and dishes. I read my literature blogs, my religious readings and did some political blogging. I will do homework soon and then work to have dinner in farious forms of ready. I hope to add writing, music and some needleart to my schedule. I have dropped some more "out of home" charity work and now leave only two days a week, for maybe three hours each. Other times I leave the house are errands, Dr appointments and evening meetings with my beloved. My day is full and I have never been so free.

My great grandmother was "blessed" with a traveling sort of man who picked female traveling guides and companions. She had given up her citizenship in order to marry him, because he was not yet a citizen. He left and eventually brought home wives and girlfriends as he came to visit his sons. She always welcomed these women with open arms and a meal at the head of the table, as long as she could stay on the farm and no one would take her boys. That is a true "libber". And all of this is liberation - true freedom.

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