Wednesday, April 23, 2008

With the celebration of Earth Day I too have a few easy suggestions to make all of our lives a little more green. As with most things in life, it is the simplest ideas that can make our lives more pleasant and worthwhile. The big changes that we think of we often can not follow through with, as they start out too overwhelming and end soon.

One way to make life green in almost every way possible is to use vinegar as your main cleaning agent. Vinegar is a natural aneseptic, has a clean aroma and is gentle to all forms of the environment, including pets and humans. Vinegar in the laundry makes a big difference in the colorfast-ness of your clothes and does not pollute our water ways. I have used vinegar almost exclusively as a cleaner in my home. I have used it in the laundry, the floors and windows, the dishes, myself, my hair and the kittens. It is best used diluted with water. I also drink it each day, and it is said to be helpful with a number of ailments, and can be used in weight loss and mineral intake.

Growing sprouts is a good green adventure for the whole family. Any little space will do with the simplicity of a mason jar and cheesecloth. Sprouts add oxygen to your kitchen and green to your diet. If you have a little bit more room, a kitchen herb garden is also nice to have. Fresh herbs, eye candy and more oxygen, everyone wins.

Even apartment dwellers can garden in small containers. Tomatoes, peppers, leaf lettuce, basil, oregano, hot peppers are all easy crops. Or just a simple herb garden with edible flowers adds beauty to our surroundings. This simple act can also slow us down as we commit to the care of our green friends that nourish us.

Having the beauty of nature in front of us, helps remind us daily to be good guardians. Having a small acquariam and a terrarium gives us the benefits of the combined beauty of water, plants, earth, air, living beings and the fire of the sun. Recently during a recoup after surgery I found the benefits of green in a terrarium during the winter months. The other past time that benefitted me and nature was the act of feeding the birds. This not only helps the birds, but is a constant array of beauty and entertainment.

Finally if at all possible get out of doors every day. Walk, excercise, sit, and BREATHE. The more we are a part of nature, the more we will fight for it.

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Wannabe Writer said...

You can, also, use baking soda to clean with. Vinegar and baking soda together add a fizz that helps with extra hard cleaning.