Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Talking - Writing

Today I spent half of it out in the world. Which is not as common for me anymore. Even though I leave the house most every day I have specific places that I go to. Regularly attended meetings, quilting, ladies aid, writer's group, art meetings - get the idea? So being out "among them" is not such a norm today. The day to day conversation of people is very revealing - in person and on the internet.

With the benefit of daily lit I am reading a lot of literature in small doses via my email. The first thing that I notice is that in the past many authors vocabulary were very broad. They thought things through. And even though they related personal experiences it was done in a way that anyone could relate to, and some if it has at least lasted for one century. It was easy to see that people saw that we are only part and parcel of the whole. They not only saw it, they related it so that we could see it too. People voiced their thoughts and their feelings. No, I take that back, something more than their feelings - authentic emotions. Not as trivial as feelings.

Instead of the reality of the universe, today I was met with more detailed answers from clerks when I said, "How are you?" than I could imagine. I heard from people in lines at the cashier line more intimate details than I was comfortable with. How come complaining, even though we think it is universal, never hits the same chord inside us that does true joy, grief or rapture? Sure, we can voice any or all of our thoughts, but if we knew that Thomas Jefferson or Walt Whitman was in the store, would we want to? Having the right and the discretion are two different things, ok, they used to be.

Speaking of speaking........ I had the experience of getting my information confused and having to return to the drugstore for a pharmacy purchase three times. It was sad to me that the clerk seemed to be scared of my reaction. (No, I had not met her before.) As I thought of expressing my frustration a few things dawned on me. I hope these can be universal and strike a chord.

First of all - they do not give a discount if I am difficult, so it does not pay - literally. Second, people do not get paid to be stupid or nasty, so there is no sense in inferring it. Third, I do not help alot trying to a "Bitch for Jesus". Remember what we used to teach children? Walk through the world as a compassionate prince or princess. See how it works tomorrow.

For now I just decided I should go home, before my "inner bitch" revealed herself. After all, I wear pearls now. It changes a woman.

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