Friday, April 25, 2008

Mental Health System

I have spent the last few days I have spent time with a friend who has a life time in the mental health system, and once again has need to avail herself to their services. She is manic to the hilt. To the point where her physical health is compromised. Since her case manager had meetings this morning and we have had a history of a little over 20 years I said I would take her to the local mental health station so she could be re-evaluated and entered in the hospital.

Three hours later we had spent most of the time in a small office with each other. There were no patients in the waiting room and the staff was laughing and going from office to office. She is 64 years old and they actually wanted her to re-explain a suicide attempt at the age of 16 - she has been a client at this place for at least 22 years. They know her!

They asked her the date - she suggested they get calendars instead of always depending on her. They asked her who the President was, she answered correctly and suggested they watch TV. After this we waited again. Then we were told if we hung in there another 3 hours, we could could admitted. I said no!

I left her there when I realized that as long as I was there, they did not have to deal with her. She did not get attention if I as there. Once again the mentally ill are treated as the lepars of our society. This week she went to the ER and was dismissed because they had trouble dealing with her - this resulted in a slight heart atack and edema.

I wish I knew the answer - money does not seem to be it.

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